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16 June 2008 @ 01:51 pm
Urgh I have to go back to school in like, 3 hours for graduation. If you can call this a graduation, going from small, 8th grade middle school to freshmen at Oakmont. Yeah, we have to dress up, like in a dress. I find it funny how all the guys are all like, "yeah, I'm going to wear shorts and all this stuff." while us girls, are like. "OMG!! what are we going to wear? Does this go with me, do I look fat in this? Do my shoes match?" though, I hate asking those questions, sometimes you have to do it.
Yeah, and I have to walk up, IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL!!!! Knowing me, I'm probably going to trip, yep just wait for it. I'll be walking up in my heels, and trip over a piece of dirt. Just great. And after, we have a dance. Urgh, I am not one for dancing. I can't dance for crap. Well, I think that, I don't know what he thinks...
I can see myself crying though. I mean, this is going to be the last time all of us are together like this! most of us are going to Oakmont, some Monty Tech, others are going to different schools in the district. I'm just going to start bawling my eyes out. Urgh, I am also not one for crying.
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