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17 June 2008 @ 02:07 pm
Urgh, graduation sucked caboodle. It was hot and very long, not to mention all those people! Though I must say, I did look fabulous. My dress was black, a halter, and had blue ribbion. There was white flowers. I got it from JC Penny! My heels were small, yet I'm surprised I could walk in them.
The dance was shit, just going to say it. The DJ couldn't play any songs, like none! Stupid Mrs. Houle, I knew I should of killed her when I had the chance. *hits self over head*
I did the best I could to dance, I'm not one for dancing, never really have. the whole arms over head thing, it seemed to work alright. We got yelled at for going out in the rain. I'm sorry if you butts left the door open, and it was raining out. The lightning was pretty.
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